EzGlobe acts as a strategic partner for companies that believe in the importance of addressing their customers, partners or employees in their own language.

EzGlobe helps its clients go global by providing professional translation, localization and testing services.

Documentation | Software | Websites | E-Learning | Mobile

Localize your products into more than forty languages. Test your software on multiple platforms and foreign operating systems. Create global technical content. Translate and adapt your marketing collateral and websites for foreign markets.

With EzGlobe, claim your share of the global market by communicating locally!


  • VOICE – You have a voice. We listen.
  • CONTROL – We help you identify your requirements; we consider your constraints. We show you how, when and at what cost.
  • SUPPORT – You have someone to rely on. We propose workable solutions.
  • PEACE OF MIND – We tell you what we will do and we do it.


Private company

Founded in April 2004

2 legal entities

EzGlobe SARL
registered in France
EzGlobe, LLC
registered in MA, USA


Company’s founders and managers’ experience comes from management roles in leading localization and software development companies

Funded by private capital

Entirely owned by the founding partners – members of the company’s management team


Our industry is very diverse and only seldom can we use a one-size-fits-all approach. Some of our clients only require simple documentation translation. More often, however, the projects comprise multiple facets and require us to apply our skills on all fronts. No matter what your requirements, whether simple or complex, we will adjust our services to your needs. Our team has more than twenty years of experience in localization and software development and we are ready to help. Rely on us for:

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

With EzGlobe…

  • You are taken care of – We are a boutique-style company and pay close attention to your needs.
  • You have a voice – We listen.
  • You are in control – We help you identify your requirements; we consider your constraints. We show you how, when and at what cost.
  • You have someone to rely on – We propose workable solutions.
  • You have a peace of mind – We tell you what we will do, and we do it.



What We Want Everybody to Know



Your translation memory technology and its application saved us thousands of dollars and countless hours of work. Our content is highly technical and we appreciate the extra steps you take to produce high-quality translations.  You are always very proactive in helping us improve the end quality of our materials – Thank you.

Lisa Colby
Director of Corporate Communications, Hardware and Software development company