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Translation and Localization

EzBIS - Easy Business Information System

EzBISEasy Business Information System - is EzGlobe’s central collaboration portal. It brings together all the players involved in a localization project and puts you, the client, in control!

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The main benefits of EzBIS are:

Information at your fingertips

EzBIS gives you easy access to all relevant project information.

  • Information about all current and completed jobs
  • Pending queries and open issues
  • All files (and all file versions) exchanged during a project
  • Financial reports
  • Current and closed communication threads

Threaded communication

EzBIS organizes your communication. Forget free-flowing and haphazardly distributed emails and rely on the system’s logically organized message threads instead.

Access to online glossaries and other USEFUL translation Resources

View, search and download up-to-date online glossaries in any existing language pairs.

Access to central translation memory server

View, search, filter, manage, download/upload, and use translation memories.


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Why chose us?

  • VOICE - You have a voice. We listen.
  • CONTROL - We help you identify your requirements; we consider your constraints. We show you how, when and at what cost.
  • SUPPORT - You have someone to rely on. We propose workable solutions.
  • PEACE OF MIND - We tell you what we will do and we do it.


  • Your translation memory technology and its application saved us thousands of dollars and countless hours of work. Our content is highly technical and we appreciate the extra steps you take to produce high-quality translations.  You are always very proactive in helping us improve the end quality of our materials - Thank you.

    Lisa Colby, Director of Corporate Communications, Hardware and Software development company


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