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Translation and Localization

Language Services

Documentation Translation

You write content to communicate with your customers. You give it different shapes and formats and you deliver it across various media. You have valuable information in many places, from your website to your product manuals, online help, or product briefs.

Are you looking for an efficient way to localize this content? How many foreign languages do you need? Whether it is just one, or forty, EzGlobe can help you.

Website and Marketing Localization

When it comes to marketing communications, translating your text from one language to another is simply  not enough. Whether your communication vehicle is a website, brochure, video, PowerPoint presentation or an ad of any kind – your marketing collateral must be relevant, culturally appropriate and use well-chosen keywords to be effective.

Do you want to generate interest, close sales, and satisfy your customers around the world? Then you have come to the right place. EzGlobe’s team can help you communicate locally. Rely on the talents of our marketing translators and skills of our engineers. Tell us where we can help.

Software Localization

Depending on the complexity of your software, localization can be as simple as translating a few strings. However, in most cases software localization is a complex process that requires translation, engineering and testing, and as such is a part of the product development cycle. Whether your software is a desktop, web-based or mobile (Android or iOS) product, you can rely on our team’s expertise for language and cultural support.

Mobile Applications Localization

There is no time to waste. Competition is fierce. New apps are being released every minute and if you want to be a global player, your apps must be localized. Just think: one-third of the world’s mobile users are in China and India alone! Compare this to the US market that represents a mere 5% … You see the point.

E-Learning Localization

Your courseware is ready. You have developed it with much thought and care. It includes text, graphical elements, hand-outs, quizzes, tests, voice-overs and even videos. It was a huge job but it is done. Now, what do you need to make it ready for your global audience? If you think this is just a simple matter of translating from one language to another, think again. E-learning localization is often a complex process that comprises many multi-disciplinary tasks.

Rely on EzGlobe’s team to help you. Contact us to see how all of these pieces come together and what each of them entails. 

Multimedia and Voice Recording

Let’s face it. The era of white pages and blue ink is history. Interactive multimedia content rules the world today. If you use videos, audio messages, animations, Adobe® Flash®, or any kind of interactive content globally, then you need proper localization.

As you may imagine, localizing multimedia content can be tricky. It requires not just a number of software and hardware products, but more importantly a team of people with very specific skills: graphic artists, voice talents, actors, software engineers, localization specialists, translators, and quality assurance folks to name just a few…

Language Support

Whether you need translation into one language or forty, we are here to help you! Over the past ten years we have developed a trusted network of professional translators with whom we work on regular basis. Our translators are professionals, native speakers, and specialists in their specific fields.

Why chose us?

  • VOICE - You have a voice. We listen.
  • CONTROL - We help you identify your requirements; we consider your constraints. We show you how, when and at what cost.
  • SUPPORT - You have someone to rely on. We propose workable solutions.
  • PEACE OF MIND - We tell you what we will do and we do it.


  • Your translation memory technology and its application saved us thousands of dollars and countless hours of work. Our content is highly technical and we appreciate the extra steps you take to produce high-quality translations.  You are always very proactive in helping us improve the end quality of our materials - Thank you.

    Lisa Colby, Director of Corporate Communications, Hardware and Software development company


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