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Translation and Localization

E-Learning Localization

Your courseware is ready. You have developed it with much thought and care. It includes text, graphical elements, hand-outs, quizzes, tests, voice-overs and even videos. It was a huge job but it is done. Now, what do you need to make it ready for your global audience? If you think this is just a simple matter of translating from one language to another, think again. E-learning localization is often a complex process that comprises many multi-disciplinary tasks.

Rely on EzGlobe’s team to help you. Contact us to see how all of these pieces come together and what each of them entails. 

  • Text translation
  • Software simulations and taking screenshot
  • Graphical design
  • Desktop publishing
  • Images, cultural references adaptation
  • Units and currencies conversion
  • Multi-lingual voice recording
  • Video dubbing or subtitling

Read our white paper CRACKING THE RUSSIAN DOLL - E-LEARNING LOCALIZATION to learn about complexities of e-learning localization. 

And don't forget!

There is a plethora of e-learning authoring solutions. Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Articulate Studio, TechSmith Camtasia, SoftChalk, Moodle are just a few of the most popular. While some manufacturers claim localization support (more or less) and the courseware is indeed fairly easily localizable, some require a good dose of creativity on the part of the localization team. EzGlobe’s team has experience with several authoring solutions and has actively contributed to the e-learning community. We provided concrete feedback to the tool makers and published solutions and quick tips for some common or less common problems.

Whether you just have a question or would like a quote on your upcoming project, contact us today.

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  • Your translation memory technology and its application saved us thousands of dollars and countless hours of work. Our content is highly technical and we appreciate the extra steps you take to produce high-quality translations.  You are always very proactive in helping us improve the end quality of our materials - Thank you.

    Lisa Colby, Director of Corporate Communications, Hardware and Software development company


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