According to the Articulate developers: “Storyline lets you export all text in your course to Microsoft Word or XML format (XLIFF). After you’ve translated the text, simply import it back in. Storyline preserves all of your formatting.” This sounds great, and very simple. However, as with most software tools, Articulate Storyline is not perfect and there are a few glitches.

EzGlobe’s team has spent quite some time working with Articulate Storyline XLIFF Export/Import functionality. While we were quite happy to see the export/import functionality, we must say that it took us some time to work around the bugs and restrictions. In this paper, we share our experience and present ten tips and tricks to make your Storyline localization project easier.

KEYWORDS: Articulate Storyline, Articulate Storyline XLIFF, Articulate Storyline XLIFF export and import, e-learning localization, e-learning translation, e-learning globalization, content updates, translation memory

Download the White Paper (PDF)