Every day we face complex localization jobs and are baffled by how little it is visible to our clients. We realized that while we have a good “know-how” we are very poor at “letting it be known”! For the longest time we thought it was not a problem. Typically engineers do not see the value in demonstrating their abilities and think that a job well done will show their competency. Unfortunately, it is not true.

If we consistently deliver bug-free jobs as the result of a well-oiled process, excellent communication, creativity, and ability to execute on ideas, we risk that our job will just look simple and thus less valued. Our service will be viewed as a commodity and people will be convinced that they can buy localization wherever it looks cheaper.

The reality is quite different. The experience and knowledge of the team directly in charge of your localization project fundamentally impact its outcome!  The ripple effect of a wrong approach can be serious in terms of product launch delay and project cost increase.

KEYWORDS: Localization, localization methodology, localization engineering, localization value-added activities

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