20+ Years of Localization Experience

Benefit from our more than 20 years of localization industry experience. Whether you are new to localization or have a process in place that does not quite meet your needs, we can help you.

  • Audit internationalization and localization readiness
  • Set up and plan localization projects
  • Kick off initial localization
  • Streamline processes
  • Select appropriate software tools
  • Analyze cost-benefit
  • Optimize time to market

Localization Technology

While much of what we do requires human intelligence, we cannot do without technology both in translation and in all support functions. Our industry has evolved enormously over the past twenty years, and many useful tools are available off the shelf today. Whenever possible we use standard software as this gives flexibility to our clients.

However, commercial tools alone will not do the trick. We develop our own technology to augment mainstream tools and support additional key functions.

What this means FOR you

If you want good quality, predictable budgets and optimized turnaround times, then you need a process that:

  • safely identifies the content (strings) to be translated,
  • maximizes leverage of existing translations,
  • supports translators in their work,
  • ensures that nothing slips through the cracks,
  • avoids rework, and
  • incorporates adequate quality assurance.

Maximize your results by employing the right mix of human and computational power. Give us a call today.