Documentation Localization Services

Ensure that your product or service is accessible to individuals who don’t speak your language with our comprehensive documentation localization services. Clear and user-friendly documentation is essential for users to understand and utilize your offerings effectively.

In the past, documentation localization often involved long turnaround times and significant budgets due to the volume of content. However, with advancements in technology, we can now streamline the process, making it quicker and more cost-effective. At EzGlobe, we offer tailored solutions based on your target audiences’ needs and your budgetary constraints.

Our Documentation Localization Services include:

Professional Human Translation: Your content will be translated by native-speaking professionals who possess a deep understanding of your industry. They ensure accurate and contextually appropriate translations that resonate with your target audience.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Machine Translation: We leverage trainable artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide efficient machine translation options. Depending on your requirements, we can integrate AI-powered translation tools to expedite the process while maintaining quality.

Support for Various Authoring Tools: We are proficient in working with a wide range of authoring tools such as FrameMaker, InDesign, RoboHelp, Flare, Author-IT, DITA, and more. This ensures seamless integration and compatibility with your existing documentation workflows.

Output in Multiple Formats: Our team is equipped to deliver translated content in various formats, accommodating your specific needs. Whether it’s PDF, HTML, or other formats, we ensure the translated documentation is ready for immediate use.

Computer-Aided Translation Technology: We maximize the reuse of translated content through computer-aided translation (CAT) technology. This streamlines the localization process, maintains consistency, and reduces costs by leveraging existing translated segments.

Consistency, Readability, and Company Image: We prioritize consistency, high readability, and a cohesive company image across all localized documentation. This ensures that your brand message is effectively communicated to your target audience in their native language.

Contact us today today for a free, no-obligation quote. Our team will guide you through various solutions and help you identify the best options for your documentation localization needs. By leveraging the right mix of human expertise and computational power, you can maximize your results and bridge the language barrier effectively.