E-Learning Localization Services

Instructional design and localization in the e-learning industry is a complex discipline. With numerous interconnected elements, each requiring a unique approach, achieving an effective learning experience for non-native speakers can be challenging. However, with our expertise and comprehensive services, we have you covered.

Hand over your e-learning localization project to our experienced team and relax. Regardless of the tools you use, we are well-versed in working with popular platforms such as ARTICULATE, STORYLINE, RISE, CAMTASIA, CAPTIVATE, MOODLE, and many others.

So, what does e-learning localization involve?

Multilingual Voice Recording: Recording voiceovers (human or neural) in multiple languages to ensure clear and effective audio instruction.

Video Dubbing or Subtitling: Localizing instructional videos through dubbing or subtitling, enabling learners to comprehend the content easily.

Video Engineering: audio integration, synchronizing voiceovers with on-screen actions, and ensuring seamless playback and interactive functionality.

Text Translation: Accurate translation of instructional content, ensuring the message is effectively conveyed in the target language.

Software Simulations and Screenshots: Localization of interactive software simulations and capturing appropriate screenshots for enhanced comprehension.

Graphical Design: Adapting graphical elements to suit the cultural preferences and expectations of the target audience.

Desktop Publishing: Formatting and arranging localized content for seamless integration into your e-learning modules.

Images and Cultural References Adaptation: Modifying images and cultural references to align with the target audience’s cultural context.

Units and Currencies Conversion: Converting units of measurement and currencies to match the target audience’s local conventions.

Whether you have questions or require a quote for your upcoming e-learning project, contact us today  Our team is ready to assist you.

And remember, to enhance your localization process:

  • Leverage computer-aided translation technology to maximize the reuse of translated content efficiently.
  • Embrace the potential of artificial intelligence and consider AI-based machine translation for faster and cheaper results.
  • Achieve consistency and readability across your e-learning materials, delivering a cohesive message to learners.

The e-learning landscape offers a multitude of authoring solutions, including Adobe Captivate, Articulate, TechSmith Camtasia, Moodle, and more. While some platforms claim to support localization to varying degrees they still require creative solutions from localization teams. At EzGlobe, our team has end to end solutions for various authoring solutions and actively contributes to the e-learning community. We provide valuable feedback to tool developers and offer solutions and quick tips for common and uncommon challenges.

Let us demonstrate how we can efficiently localize your e-learning courses.  Contact us today today, and rest assured, we’ll make the process easy for you.

To learn more about the complexities of e-learning localization and our ability to deliver turnkey projects, read our white paper, Cracking the Russian Doll – E-Learning Localization.  We simplify the process for you, ensuring an optimized user experience and effective course delivery.