Let’s talk mobile application localization.

While mobile app localization or translation does not differ much from software UI localization, there are a number of special considerations related to display and usability. Our team is well equipped to handle these translations in a variety of languages, including Asian scripts or right-to-left languages, and ensure seamless and inexpensive updates as you continue to develop your product.

  • Plan mobile app localization and testing
  • Translate into more than forty languages
  • Develop linguistic assets (glossaries, translation memories)
  • Test on a variety of devices and OSs
  • Update translations from version to version

In today’s world of social interaction there is no way to mask poor quality. Our goal is to help you achieve the best app store ratings possible and give your users a seamless and pleasurable experience.

We assist you by providing test planning and testing on a variety of mobile applications. Based on your budget and turnaround times we help you build the list of devices and OSs that will provide the best coverage, given the device/OS market penetration. Learn more about our mobile application testing capabilities or contact us to receive an obligation-free localization and testing quote.