Software Localization Services – Tailored for Your Needs

At our company, we understand that software localization cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Beware of online services that promise instant localized results by simply uploading your software files. Professional localizers know that a machine cannot replace the expertise of localization engineers.

Successful software localization relies on:

  1. Correct parsing of complex files: Automated systems often fail to properly parse intricate file formats like XLIFF or PO files, which may contain HTML code and embedded Java scripts. Only experienced localization engineers can handle this task accurately.
  2. Contextual understanding: Each translated word must be understood within its specific context. Applying a standardized parser and using any available translator will yield absurd results. Translated content may be incorrect once placed back in context, and some portions may remain untranslated.

Consider the cost of a single software bug. Remember that a bug introduced during translation due to a sloppy or simplistic approach will be multiplied by the number of target languages. This cost will likely outweigh any initial savings from using an automated system.

While localization projects generally follow similar steps, the outcome depends on intricate details specific to your software. That’s why an upfront evaluation, methodology identification, and process design are crucial.

Curious to see how our approach can benefit your project? Request a personalized project analysis and process proposal report free of charge. No obligations. Contact us to speak with one of our software localization specialists.

A Smart Approach to Software Localization

Our focus is always on optimization: reducing costs, accelerating time to market, ensuring high quality, and maximizing reusability. If a standard approach and toolset suffice for your software localization, we’ll gladly use them. However, if a special process and tool are required, we’ll leverage our own toolbox or develop one.

Localization Quality Assurance

Just like you wouldn’t release your software without proper testing, localized applications should undergo the same scrutiny. Even when implementing best practices in localization, some defects may persist in language variants. Discover how EzGlobe can assist you in conducting professional localization quality assurance Contact us to learn more.

Extensive Localization File Support

We offer support for a wide range of software file formats, including:

  • Generic Software Files: HTML, XML, XSL, SGML, RTF, PO, JSON, PROPERTIES, INI, YAML, plain text, EXE, RC, DLL, MSI, INI, OCX, SCR, CPL, NLS, RESX, RESW, RESJSON, XLF, XLIFF, JAVA platform files (source files properties and binaries), Microsoft .NET (source files including custom properties), SDLXLIFF, TTX, ITD
  • Proprietary Files: Any structured text-based files. Our proprietary programmable filter/parser can be loaded with any grammar.
  • Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access databases.

Choose EzGlobe for comprehensive software localization services catered to your unique requirements.