Rely on our experienced team and let us:

  • Evaluate the testing scope and create a project plan
  • Set up the appropriate multi-lingual test environment
  • Write clear and exhaustive test scripts
  • Reproduce complex scenarios, connect to external resources (e.g. databases, external applications, hardware…)
  • Test in a virtual environment
  • Support testers during the testing process
  • Fix localization defects
  • Connect to your defect-tracking system and report functional defects to you

Are you worried that your product is still buggy? An Alpha version? No worries. With the right knowledge and a healthy dose of creativity, agility and ability to communicate efficiently we will work with your development and testing teams in parallel.

So it is really up to you. How much do you want to be involved? How much do you want to hand over?

Interested? Just give us a call.