EzBISEasy Business Information System – is EzGlobe’s central collaboration portal. It brings together all the players involved in a localization project and puts you, the client, in control!

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The main benefits of EzBIS are:

Information at your fingertips

EzBIS gives you easy access to all relevant project information.

  • Information about all current and completed jobs
  • Pending queries and open issues
  • All files (and all file versions) exchanged during a project
  • Financial reports
  • Current and closed communication threads

Threaded communication

EzBIS organizes your communication. Forget free-flowing and haphazardly distributed emails and rely on the system’s logically organized message threads instead.

Access to online glossaries and other USEFUL translation Resources

View, search and download up-to-date online glossaries in any existing language pairs.

Access to central translation memory server

View, search, filter, manage, download/upload, and use translation memories.


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