You authored your documentation using a specific authoring tool and you wonder if we can handle it?

The answer is: YES.

Rely on our team to:

  • Translate and localize content while maximizing the reuse of existing translations or repetitions
  • Generate various publishing outputs
  • Make adjustments for right-to-left languages
  • Verify the functionality of the localized output
  • Evaluate the localization impact when migrating from one authoring tool to another
  • Employ the best practices in localization

Technical documentation specialists tend to lean towards the handful of mainstream tools produced by Adobe®, Microsoft®, or MadCap, such as FrameMaker, Word, InDesign, Robohelp, Flare and others. We process these types of files on daily basis and indeed they constitute the majority of our documentation localization work. Naturally, there are other authoring tools, such as DesignIT, Helpinator, WinCHM… Albeit less frequently used, these tools produce content that is well localizable too.

To learn more about the tools we support and the processes associated with localization contact us today. Go ahead and ask us questions:

  • How do I package files for translation?
  • What do I need to deliver?
  • How do you know what has changed from the previous versions?
  • Can you use my existing translation memories?
  • How about localizing into Asian or Right-to-Left languages?
  • How about single-sourced documentation?
  • How long will it take and what’s the cost?




Adobe product box shot reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated. Microsoft product box shot used with permission from Microsoft.