Increasing demand for translated content has shaped the translation industry. From a formerly very craft-like business, it has become a technology-driven industry seeking operational excellence. Despite technological advancements, proper translation is still a human job. – but computers help a great deal today.

Computer-aided translation, commonly known as translation memory, is the technology that brings the most benefits to today’s professional translations. Its most obvious advantages are:

  • Cost reduction
  • Translation speed
  • Translation consistency

Translation Memory

Simply stated, Translation Memory allows you to store existing translations in a database and reuse them in the future. Sounds like money in the bank? Well, it is. It can also combine with other linguistic assets such as glossaries to become a powerful environment for translators.

Even if you have no translation memories or linguistic assets, you can still take advantage of this technology and reduce the cost of your translations. See how much you can save and get a free quote for your translation project. Contact us today.

With an ever growing demand for large-volume translations on one end and constant time-to-market pressures on the other, the industry has recognized the need for more efficient linguistic resource management and faster translation turnarounds. The notion of server-based centralized translation memory management and real-time virtual linguistic team collaboration developed as a result.

Introducing Translation Memory Server

With EzGlobe’s Translation Memory Server, companies with large content volumes gain some powerful benefits compared to the traditional translation memory approach. It allows for:

  • Even greater reuse of translated content – the translation database is updated in real time and content can be instantaneously reused
  • More efficient real-time collaboration
  • Control over linguistic resources
  • Increased consistency among products and product lines
  • Decreased risk of loss and rework

To find out whether EzGlobe’s Translation Memory Server-based localization is the right solution for you, contact us today.